Pelita Perkebunan, A Coffee and Cocoa Research Journal (CCRJ):ISSN: 0215-0212; E-ISSN:2406-9574 doi:10.22302/iccri.jur.pelitaperkebunan, is an open-access international journal providing rapid publication of peer-reviewed articles related to coffee and cocoa commodities based on the aspects of agronomy, plant breeding, soil science, crop protection, postharvest technology, and social economy. Pelita Perkebunan also publishes the research findings for other commodities relevant to coffee and cocoa, i.e., agroforestry, shade trees, intercrops, and windbreakers. Papers dealing with results of original research on the above aspects are welcomed with no page charge.

Pelita Perkebunan is managed by the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) and has been actively publishing the research findings since April 1985.


Vol 39 No 3 (2023)

Published: 2023-12-19

Identification of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) genetic uniformity through RAPD molecular markers.

Nur Afni Helia Dewi, Sulistyani Pancaningtyas, Mukhamad Su’udi

Page: 173-183

Abstract View: 80, PDF Download: 98

Rootstock, scion, and microbiome contributions to cadmium mitigation in five Indonesian cocoa cultivars.

Jennifer Elise Schmidt, Mikael Dorman, Andrew Ward, Alana Firl

Page: 201-215

Abstract View: 40, PDF Download: 50

Sensory and physicochemical attributes of chocolate soft candy with different gelling agents.

Taufik Rahman, Siti Khudaifanny Dasa Febrianti Asna Putri

Page: 230-243

Abstract View: 46, PDF Download: 59

Structure and labor use pattern among cocoa farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria

Yetunde Olasimbo Mary Oladokun, kayode AKANNI OLUYOLE, Akinpelu Ayodele Oladipo

Page: 271-276

Abstract View: 38, PDF Download: 35

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